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e_tornabene The impossible was a great film, highly recommend it !

464 days ago.

sdmunroe I just saw #Mitt. The documentary showed only his "likable" side. The film deserves praise for doing the impossible. Now, let's see #Barack.

464 days ago.

lizzyedwards_x @HollyStandfast @UrsulaGardner the impossible is the saddest film I have ever watched.

464 days ago.

annalouiseadams Just watched "The Impossible", very good film. Visited Sri Lanka in 2012 and it was unbelievable.

464 days ago.

TuihanaKinita @TomHolland1996 I absolutely love you! The impossible is such an amazing film! How long ago was it filmed? You look so young in it

464 days ago.

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