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sansajonquil I just watched the 1976 Carrie movie a short while ago, and it was really good & sad. D:

499 days ago.

sinakat34 Was I watching the old Carrie movie or #GH today? Heather Webber's hand coming out the dirt like that smh. This is beyond campy!

500 days ago.

_Mz_Hyde_ Has someone of you seen the Carrie movie already? Was it good?

500 days ago.

AnnieHH1987 The "Carrie" movie was stupid. Not worth the 10 quit... Should've bought a fun bottle of Shiraz instead...#OldCheapBottlesOfWine ;)

500 days ago.


501 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast Interview Exclusive Cast Interview Fandango sits down with Chloë Grace Moretz, Julianne Moore and director Kimberly Peirce. That Awkward Moment: At Prom with Carrie From pig's blood to Usher, we're counting down the most awkward prom moments in movie history.