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81% positive
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SevenMeeks just saw the fast and furious 6 that movie was way too cheesy

464 days ago.

DakotaWood_ @KBrowneye7 Fast and Furious 6 was terrible

464 days ago.

PowerOfThatV That Was A Long As Runway On Fast And The Furious 6 .

464 days ago.

Daniel__Mathews Gio and I watched fast and furious 6 last night, stupidest movie ever... A bunch of over paid old men with money driving fast cars...

464 days ago.

TaliaMarie_18 Fast & Furious 6 is now my favorite movie!!!!!!!!!! Just watched it last night :) #RipPaulWalker

464 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Vin Diesel talks about the most amazing stunt in the film, Tyrese on his best phrase from the franchise and Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez discuss their epic fight scene. Gallery: The Leading Men on 'Fast Six' Scroll through a gallery of the leading men of Fast Six! Cine Latino: Michelle Rodriguez Crowns Herself a 'Loyal B*tch' (Video) A Newbie Watches All the ‘Fast & Furious’ Movies…and Lives to Tell