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97% positive
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gee_webber @reliablecomics Seven Psychopaths was pretty great

455 days ago.

SarahDuggers Watched Seven Psychopaths earlier. Bloody brilliant. Basically, get Netflix and watch it or what's wrong with you?

456 days ago.

DrewFVK Finally watched Seven Psychopaths, cracking larks.

456 days ago.

Cdaly29 Watched 'Seven Psychopaths' on Netflix. Now watching 'Mitt', a documentary of Mitt Romney's 2012 US campaign. Films are unrelated, obviously

456 days ago.

catesish @alexmiz In Bruges was *so* good. I'll probably skip Seven Psychopaths and finish my book instead.

456 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interivew Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson and director Martin McDonagh name the most outrageous character and Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken talk about the craziest scenes. Woody Harrelson Talks Dark Humor in 'Psychopaths' The veteran actor sat down with us during the Toronto Film Festival last month to chat about the humor in the film and also touches on the upcoming Hunger Games sequel.