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74% positive
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KimmerAnnD @SONSofAfans I didn't care for Deadfall but CH WAS AWESOME. Abandon was pretty good. @KimFCoates was awesome in Black Hawk Down.

455 days ago.

MonsterCristina Deadfall  confinement of terror  Roundtrip  to hell and back  Save me  forever lost I'm in  Bounded  in a place that once was heaven 

455 days ago.

jhender @X_deadfall at 11.30 pm I was rushing to get my lesson done for the day. Sheesh.

455 days ago.

KlickGameUser Bei Bundle Stars ist gerade ein Bug. Deadfall Adventures fuer 100%. Konnte es einfach so "kaufen" ohne was zu zahlen cool.

455 days ago.

demightyshiva @X_deadfall the bottle doesn't have the award sticker. It was pasted on the shelf. Still wanna see?

456 days ago.

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