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92% positive
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ChiElleBelle @JulieDiCaro have you watched The Invisible War? Heartbreaking, amazing doc. Detailing military sexual trauma & the lack of action

449 days ago.

Cheryl_Prime @InvisibleWar it's been a long time since I was able to do anything like that!

449 days ago.

__ElizabethG The Invisible War was such an amazing documentary. Super eye opening and altogether terrifying.. Rethink the system. #NotInvisible

450 days ago.

UchihaNicole @DemonicDesu navy army military Air Force.. Fits the same.. I saw The Invisible War. Saddest angriest documentary

451 days ago.

AbDan13 Wow. "The Invisible War" was heartbreaking. #Netflix

452 days ago.

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