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Tweets About War Witch

Nnedi I watched War Witch today. Took me a few months to continue b/c I was so horrified by what the girl had to do in the beginning of the film

457 days ago.

kima_jones @IkireJones I watched "War Witch" last night.

459 days ago.

OhaiAdeola @Lawgotsoul @GoldWomyn word, I just watched War Witch and just rented The Black Power Mixtape from the library :( sigh

460 days ago.

ParisInSD War Witch was so good! Highly recommend! Sad, but very, very good.

461 days ago.

Lehnaru I watched this film called "War Witch" about kidnapped child soldiers in Africa... this is still happening, but the UN isn't doing anything.

462 days ago.

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