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95% positive
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alissaliane Just found the sheet where I wrote down a quote from a documentary "The House I Live In" and now I want to watch it. Again. For the 3rd time

463 days ago.

xdrickax If u hv Netflix I recommend u take a look at the documentary 'the house I live in' very insightful to see how ghettos were 'created' (cont.)

463 days ago.

RobNutek just thought i would tuck into a new documentary.. #TheHouseILiveIn how insanely sad and wrong is that! #documentary

464 days ago.

georgeamills @djma1 haha me too I love em. You should check out 'dirty wars' by Jeremy scahill and 'the house I live in' by Eugene jarecki. Both so good.

464 days ago.

TheBlakeyBlake I'm presently watching the documentary "The House I Live In" on Netflix. It's all about the war on drugs.

465 days ago.

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