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_itsWinniee The boyfriend and I watched "The ABCs of Death" yesterday on Netflix....lawd what a crazy ass movie lolol

466 days ago.

metalphilia @JonSchnepp So I'm just now getting to see the ABCs of Death. I was totally stoked to see your work. Kudos!

467 days ago.

D34nW1nch3ster I really hope no animals were harmed in making "The ABCs of Death"... because a dog was punched and a kitten was crushed under a high heel..

468 days ago.

hoodieordie the abcs of death is literally the strangest thing i have ever watched

470 days ago.

AOTDBlog @Shawky1969 @24FPSUK What did you guys think of THE ABCs OF DEATH? I know it was all over the place but in the end is it worthwhile?

470 days ago.

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