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arual8787 @katyperry watched #partofme for the first time.. You're an extremely hard working person it's very inspiring

404 days ago.

ellspin Watched Katy Perry's #PartOfMe out of boredom...but I enjoyed it! Really impressed with her and her vocal talent. It was emotional, too!

404 days ago.

Katycatfurlife @Katyperry When's the last tjme you watched #kp3d

404 days ago.

supsindiii Katy Perry: Part Of Me was the best artist documentary movie I've watched and I've watched almost all of them

404 days ago.

HalfPintOfInnes I have watched #PartOfMe so many times, like a ridiculous amount of times, but love watching it over and over!

404 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Katy Perry talks about her whip cream bra, her grandma, what didn't end up in the documentary and how peacocks sound like cats.