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stewbardiere #dallasbuyersclub was the fan fic version of #howtosurviveaplague .... Right?

456 days ago.

daymanroyster88 #DallasBuyersClub didn't wow me because I felt the topic was more expertly broached by last years #Oscar Doc nominee #HowToSurviveAPlague

457 days ago.

robertbalkovich BTW everyone last night I watched a Blackfish and How To Survive a Plague double feature aka THE NIGHT OF 1,000 TEARS.

458 days ago.

phippo88 Saw 'Dallas Buyers Club' this eve. Great performances all round, and if you enjoyed I plea you see "How to survive a Plague" also

459 days ago.

CarovanStudios Just watched the doc 'How to survive a plague' & the great new film Dallas Buyers Club. Watch them both. That's your homework this week.

461 days ago.

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