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92% positive
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grghdsn I'm watching Queen of Versailles on Netflix and am totally weirded out that this was all happening about 5 minutes from where I lived in FL.

463 days ago.

JackieEllCee @kadield I loved it! Did you watch The Queen of Versailles?

464 days ago.

hellomarikochan @heatherleithal looks way better than the house in the Queen of Versailles doc I saw tonight. Also totes jel that you're in France right now

465 days ago.

DSmith27 Oh, if you wanted to know the other film I was watching, it's called "The Queen of Versailles."

468 days ago.

TheNeoNubian So I'm watchin' Queen of Versailles.....why the dog was eatin' a roach? And why she act like it was no big deal?

471 days ago.

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