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85% positive
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PerfectPayneluv Just watched a perfect movie. It's called "The Words" and it was truly the most inspiring movie I have ever seen

403 days ago.

DustyK91 Just watched "The Words" for the first time. A+ movie

403 days ago.

XI_XXVII_ When I was little and I watched this movie I used to read the words with her then pretend my doll came alive

403 days ago.

AaronPitters Is it spring yet? Ugh, it's cold. Watched "The Words" last night finally. Decent movie. The ending left much to be desired, though.

404 days ago.

therealkalena In the words of Burt Wonderstone "there's a dog in my pants" hahaha that was gold, @JohnFDaley loved the movie it was amazing and hilarious.

404 days ago.

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