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92% positive
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pratt_jenn Just started watching #DAYS again after 10 years- I swear to god everyone looks like they haven't aged a day!

458 days ago.

fuckallah22 @Chloespa @MaxxPALIN @piersmorgan @msnbc @HowardStern @GeneLingerfelt this was 10 years ago youre stuck with the pratt,we dont want him back

459 days ago.

allie_harts My brother is on his field trip to commerce plaza today, I'm extremely jealous and depressed that I was there over 10 years ago,getting old

459 days ago.

KickaBaby75 Holy hell, Channing Frye is still a thing?? I remember when he was supposed to be the next Larry Bird…you know like 10 years ago? Literally.

460 days ago.

callahan_martin My mom always said that I look like Pacey from Dawson's Creek... but that was ten years ago or so

463 days ago.

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