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94% positive
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tonygatson @robwillb I watched it a while back and loved it too. #Gayby

457 days ago.

_gayby_ if you could see me now y'all would unfollow instantly

458 days ago.

dsaas89 just watched the pilot of "Looking." Thought it seemed very promising. also loved seeing @MattWilkas in it caused I really enjoyed "Gayby"

459 days ago.

VLoppz I remember when Fergie said: "He's Trying to talk" whit a photo of the day of her "Gayby Shower". Was beautiful.

459 days ago.

princessg4y @SkoopieKat @kingxhesh NOPE I met you after this lolol I thought you hated me so me and Gayby tried to be cool with u

460 days ago.