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Tweets About In Our Nature

PaulGunning1 @BusbyMUFC Yeah. It was like we wanted to go mental but it's just not in our nature. And it was just so depressing to watch!

449 days ago.

Deepslick1 :''') She was a side chick & became the main one, now there's another side chick, its in our nature we can't survive with one chick

449 days ago.

TheMorrigan29 @rws91 well u did say I was like Rachel lol. It's in our nature

450 days ago.

NeavenMorgan @neceybabyXO just ain't in our nature. I think white folks was born swimming or sumn, idk

451 days ago.

AlexMeace @VanyBoto @Marcusrock27 exactly. Not in our nature to panic. Was always gonna be a difficult season. Just gotta try to not get relegated ha

454 days ago.

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