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Tweets About Crazy Eyes

serraourbano #myweirdwaiter had crazy eyes, psycho vibe, and would sneak up on our table. Made me feel like I was in a horror movie

386 days ago.

AmirKhanMaqbool @Officialneha just watched my first movie of yours, and fell in love with your crazy eyes lol send my love from manchester, uk ! ...

408 days ago.

iamaspacepirate Crazy-eyes McCumberdragon was 100000% the best thing about that film #TheHobbit #DesolationOfSmaug

408 days ago.

Murrow_Murrow Man of steel was a good movie. Haha general Zod looks just like Mr.Matthews with those crazy eyes. Lol

411 days ago.

sarampendleton Dear Steve Buscemi, I rly liked ur work in Ghost World & that movie where u have crazy eyes & eat pizza with Oreos on it. Pls write baq soon

418 days ago.

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