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Tweets About Waiting for Lightning

Alickaard @HEELWrestling the game was awesime. I own it very in depth story nd graphics. Waiting for Lightning Returns FFXIII release!!!

458 days ago.

ewok1987 Just watched the #waitingforlightning @dannyway that boy had a hard upbringing just shows you where hard work gets you #inspirational

471 days ago.

peterjlindsey Just watched @BanditoBrothers #waitingforlightning. I'm convinced Danny Way is an alien. Unreal!

471 days ago.

kamikazihiphop Just watched Waiting for Lightning @dannyway is Gnarley! #skateboardlegend #coltseavers

472 days ago.

stefanrichter If you're a skateboarder, or ex-skateboarder, and haven't watched Danny Way in Waiting for Lightning yet… Go do it. Inspirational.

473 days ago.

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