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carolmalouf 'Hyde Park on Hudson' was now on @osn. FDR had polio and many many many affairs. Says a lot about Women & Power. cc @leabaroudi

451 days ago.

ProfGSheffield Just watched Hyde Park on Hudson. Got some ropy reviews but we enjoyed it.

456 days ago.

KasoKim Just watched Hyde Park on Hudson, liked @BillMurray as FDR, but felt movie was trying 2 tell 2 stories, both interesting, but 2 separate.

457 days ago.

nigelfletcher Just watched "Hyde Park on Hudson". Bill Murray great as FDR, plus Sam West & lovely Olivia Colman as the King & Queen. What's not to like?

458 days ago.

MaritRunyon Hyde park on Hudson is a great lesson on how hotdogs can bring two nations closer. I liked the movie a lot as it made me laugh many times.

464 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Bill Murray talks about playing FDR, Laura Linney on her fascination with the iconic president and Murray's thoughts on SNL and Ghostbusters.