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86% positive
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kingtunde25 @__harleigh the worst movie i've ever seen was called to rome with love. so confusing, made no sense at all.

450 days ago.

sassyflave "@thabisosn: To Rome With Love, thoroughly enjoying this movie."dope movie i watched it.

451 days ago.

bella_cadbury Hv watched to rome with love directed by Woody Allen n I laughed my ass off. This what raditya dika imitates.

451 days ago.

seb_moore @diemert_jeremy r u high? Haha, weakest film? Half of his films are mediocre. To Rome with love was much weaker

451 days ago.

NishSwish @manzibarr thought so too :( Watched it expecting the warm-fuzzies of Midnight in Paris / To Rome With Love. Blanchett was unbelievable.

452 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Ellen Page, Alison Pill Greta Gerwig and Alessandra Mastronardi talk about working with Woody Allen and shooting in Italy.