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Tweets About 30 Beats

Meleena_Leon I was able to watch all of The Who's "Tommy" and yet I wasn't able to watch the last half of 30 Beats. That's saying something.

226 days ago.

Meleena_Leon @_FernyC I tried to watch 30 Beats- I stopped halfway because it was way too weird. Not even Lee's hotness was enough for me to continue.

226 days ago.

Meleena_Leon @_FernyC have you watched 30 Beats?

227 days ago.

meree_carroll I just saw a boy that looked just like @RickJr_30!! Beats on his head and all

230 days ago.

So_GoodItHurts @Rae2DResQ I was speaking about myself tho..I'll care less if y'all are head topping at 30..Beats me

231 days ago.

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