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Tweets About To the Arctic

GabbyShip I wish it was nice outside so I could go run and clear my head but nope it's becoming similar to the arctic tundra. ⛄️

451 days ago.

preezerk @JeremyClarkson That was REALLY cool to watch. Not a pun due to the arctic mind you, cool as in "socially hip", but not hip like hippies. ok

451 days ago.

emily_francis Disappointed that I can't see my girls or P!ATD due to the arctic weather, but very thankful that we're all okay and with loved ones

451 days ago.

cindygiesbrecht @ThatsSoCarmen I was wondering when that might happen. We don't want him either. Send him to the arctic.

451 days ago.

weepingharry gossdddhhhh$hD i'm so mad everyone today in school was talking about going to the arctic monkeys concert and i was like :///////////////////

451 days ago.

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