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amyypauline @jennaouradnik @saxxysavannah @MCharles99 max also was obsessed with the movie Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter...

449 days ago.

_jesssikaaa my little brother has started to read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He thinks it a true story..... he thinks he was a vampire hunter.

449 days ago.

RESTORlNGFORCE the movie Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter looks so good omg i just watched the end but i wanna see the whole thing

449 days ago.

fixedbaroque I'm reading the oddest pairing of books right now: @Gladwell's What the Dog Saw, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. That's just how I roll.

449 days ago.

Mr_Lincoln Contrary to what was claimed in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Lincoln didn't write a diary or journal. At least none has been discovered.

449 days ago.

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