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smizz @KatieRoss01 Ohhhhkaaayyyy - celeste & jesse forever movie was alright, but pretty slow. 3 stars out of 5. ON TO TANGLED!

450 days ago.

andymouk Just watched Celeste & Jesse Forever. For god sake. What even is life? #sadness #allofit

451 days ago.

McWellie @Sarah_Ess_ @OnBetamax you seriously need to watch the film he was in if you haven't already 'Breaking UPwards' And Celeste&Jesse forever

452 days ago.

LottieDean @Anne_L_Kershaw I have, lots. Love Netflix we've had for over a year now. Watched The iceman and Celeste and Jesse forever over weekend

453 days ago.

suki A little weird when u recognize someone that u only know from reading their blog. Saw @ramshackleglam's cameo in Celeste And Jesse Forever.

453 days ago.