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86% positive
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indiebae Soooo. She came over last night . Stayed for an hour we chilled . Played around . Watched paranormal activity 4 . Lol amazing night !

454 days ago.

abbiewastaken Watched Paranormal Activity 4 yesterday and literally can't remember anything other than being bored of out of mind. Nothing happened!

454 days ago.

Zer0_06 Double movie night. I saw #ParanormalActivity and #47Ronin.

454 days ago.

Bronteddy Work was a game of red light green light #angrymums #ma15 #r18 #bringyourid #paranormalactivity4 #wolfofwallstreet

454 days ago.

diane__marie Also we watched paranormal activity 4 and it really didn't bother me but now it's all I can think about so on the tv goes.

454 days ago.

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Interview Dialogue: 'Paranormal Activity' Star Katie Featherston Talks Spirits and… Stealing? Paranormal Activity star Katie Featherston talks about the impact the horror franchise has had on her life, whether she believes in ghosts and her scary tendency to accidentally steal things.