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73% positive
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__Belami Just woke up that little nap was sweet.

457 days ago.

lilacfieldsfore Finally watched BD2 so glad I didn't pay for it. Now watching a good Rob movie (Bel Ami) to cleanse my mind from that awful movie.

457 days ago.

plumcrazyyy @kadield same! Love her. Have you watched Bel Ami?

458 days ago.

ImaaaneBoulal Just finished watching the last ep of #BelAmi :') It was such a good kdrama With an unpredictable plot twist " clap clap " <3

458 days ago.

ChocoMG2112 @myheroin1 @Pairee @TerrytheNurse I remember Bel Ami released VOD same day as theaters because it was an art house flick *fingers crossed*

458 days ago.

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