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Jennahowieson Yesterday I didn't post #100happydays picture but #NowYouSeeMe was the best film I've seen in forever! #day20 #siblingbondingsesh

456 days ago.

liloPink7 Just watched Now You See Me. #suchagoodmovie

456 days ago.

EmilyBrovont Just watched "Now You See Me" and ate a bunch of pizza.

456 days ago.

jdbskisses Now you see me was freaking awesome

456 days ago.

HaiKaiKon @CutiePieGamer I saw now you see me, it was fantastico

456 days ago.

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Blog Post 'Now You See Me' One Big Scene: Movie Magic Boosts a New York Chase Don't believe everything you see in 'Now You See Me' ... but make sure you pay close attention during this week's One Big Scene! Exclusive Cast Interview Listen closely as Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman and Mark Ruffalo reveal some of the secrets behind their magical new movie.