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86% positive
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rosenfeldjamie @geddewa Just watched Parental guidance and just seen u in it

456 days ago.

FreshSiravo24 @BaileeMadison I just watched Parental Guidance on DVD #favoritemovie and can you #prayformikey @M_Nichs who was seriously injured in hockey

458 days ago.

jalexcashby @evolveandescape where were their parents when they made this decision ....... parental guidance was needed

461 days ago.

JustJayyL Parental Guidance was so cute!!!

461 days ago.

MegChristineBC I saw Parental Guidance today and Now Or Never by @Outasight came on! I scared the crap out of my aunt when I had a freak out. Haha

461 days ago.

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