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74% positive
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THornt4 @GeorgeForeman saw fight on u tube...he was exactly what u described in your book..SINISTER THUG

455 days ago.

emmahill223 Sinister was the scariest movie EVER

455 days ago.

kelllhuckstep @EmmmLeooo I wanted to watch sinister but I was like no don't wanna die lol

455 days ago.

DevilishSinner @Damn_Sinister If i let it all out i think i'd be more hated than i already am. Even by myself. ^^

455 days ago.

nakedduckling_ sinister was actually a decent horror film for one of this age

455 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Ethan Hawke talks about what got him to finally tackle a horror movie and how long who he stick around if things got spooky?