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sleepylover215 @__reddawn It was done not to move J/L along but to get a response from the audience. It was a ploy, and it was never addressed again.

447 days ago.

sleepylover215 @__reddawn 2 years later?? I know I'll catch hell for this but to me that was the worse line in all of TM.

447 days ago.

Pussinabox Red Dawn was okay. But then I remember the original was nothing great either lol :)

447 days ago.

graigs43 @adamcarolla I got excited that it was an unknown sequel to Red Dawn

447 days ago.

PeaceDrummer Just watched the new Red Dawn, it wasn't bad but if there was ever a movie that screamed ''Merica it's that one. #merica #gottalovehollywood

447 days ago.

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