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Tweets About Oldboy (2013)

dchatenay Wait, the "Oldboy" remake was directed by Spike Lee?!? Now I kinda want to see it... Damn you, Hollywood!

416 days ago.

anarkus81 @eldiabloese "I saw the Devil": excelente, a la par de Oldboy, que será mejorada gracias a Spike Lee (risas y final trágico shakesperiano)

417 days ago.

PeterAPeel Was Spike Lee shooting OLDBOY in that commercial?

417 days ago.

papa_action @stefanadonis It'll be interesting to see Spike Lee's Oldboy. I don't how he will treat the ending. It's been getting kak reviews though.

418 days ago.

papa_action Oldboy was recently remade by Spike Lee. Hollywood likes remaking S. Korean films. The Departed was a remake of Infernal Affairs.

418 days ago.

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Exclusive Cast Interview Exclusive Cast Interview Fandango sits down with Josh Brolin to talk fandom, fighting and 'Oldboy.'