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Shammy301 Watched The Man With The Iron Fists, forgot what an amazing voice @russellcrowe has!

427 days ago.

rotpod Have you watched The Man With The Iron Fists? Still #wuwednesday

428 days ago.

FredHerbertsh What was the name of that wrestler in The Man with the Iron Fists? Batista? That's it, thanks, have a good night! Awesome call

428 days ago.

ThegirlMelanie We're just gonna forget Man With The Iron Fists was a movie. For all intents and purposes it was solely a soundtrack produced by RZA.

428 days ago.

KBKaizer I watched "The Man With The Iron Fists" today. So there's that...

428 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview RZA and Eli Roth talk about creating the film while Byron Mann, Rick Yune, Cung Le, David Bautista and Jamie Chung chat about the fight scenes and wire work.