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AnastasiaRachel Just finished watching Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days!! It was SO good! It made me LOL! And @devbostick singing, man that was hilarious! XD

449 days ago.

darsheelsafaary @ZacharyGordon hi zachary diary of wimpy kid was sooooo awsomeeeee !!! I'm very exited for the another part "diary of wimpy kid dog days :))

453 days ago.

m4di_ I just saw something unpleasant. It almost like scene where "dog with the meat" at Wimpy Kid: Dog Days movie.. Should I tell 'em about that?

454 days ago.

iamMiazukiMharj @devbostick We watched the Diary of a wimpy kid(Dog days and Rodrick's Rule) :) RODRICK scenes in both movie were the BEST! ! #teamRodrick

455 days ago.

CrushingOnRauhl Lol in diary of a wimpy kid: dog days, when rodrick was singing baby

461 days ago.

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