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86% positive
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AbeshaT The Chief strategist for the 2010 EPRDF campaign was Hilawi Yoseph co. Without his presence will EPRDF win big in 2015? #Ethiopia

455 days ago.

KUClubGolf Important information about our fundraising campaign was just sent out via email. Please read and respond ASAP!!

455 days ago.

Isshhhyy_786 Bf4 campaign was amazing

455 days ago.

SRands96 CoD Ghosts campaign was actually really fun to play.

455 days ago.

DavidTroySears @_MikeOrtizz H-Hour has always been planned for sim ship on PC and PS4 since KS campaign. Was announced publicly 6 months ago.

455 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Will Ferrell on not slipping into a George W. Bush impersonation, Zach Galifianakis on having difficulty speaking, Jay Roach and Dylan McDermott on working with the duo. Also, what does Caucus Claus give out?