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91% positive
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Dion_Scrolls Watched #LesMiserables last night. I must be manning up or dead inside. Was a paltry one-sob film. #Frozen squeezed three from me, at least!

467 days ago.

MelissaLoanN I just finished #LesMiserables. I can't decide which one I liked better...The play or the movie...

470 days ago.

CluelessKatie Currently watching Les Mis. It's been so long since I watched this film. It makes me want to read the book again. #lesmiserables

472 days ago.

Becky_V @Gareth_Gates watching Les Mis!! It's a shame you aren't in the film though. Loved seeing you in the tour!! #lesmis

479 days ago.

DTT240991 If anyone is remotely interested in my opinion on #film, which they're usually not, my favourite film of 2013 was #LesMiserables or #Rush.

479 days ago.

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