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77% positive
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SarahMEden First reader review of HOPE SPRINGS: "I ugly-sobbed over this book. I loved it, but it broke my heart. Gorgeous.” #FistPump

455 days ago.

alistairmscott Just watched Meryl Streep in Hope Springs.. Bloody fantastic. Laughed clapped and cried..

455 days ago.

MShi35 beaver,and hope springs....idky im drawn to mrs.streep...but i will..loved the iron lady and devil wears.....goodnight eagles...ima stroll

457 days ago.

Saint_Tami Oh my god you guys DO NOT watch Hope Springs with your parents. This was a mistake. #awkward

459 days ago.

xxbetty87xx Hope springs was not the best film off choice #emosh

459 days ago.

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