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Tweets About Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

NTalati Just watched Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters! It was good, but didn't follow the book that well.

457 days ago.

nicoleScholes Watched Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters last night and I loved it!!

457 days ago.

NeilSaguindang I know I'm late but I just watch the percy jackson sea of monsters and it was amazing xD

457 days ago.

MFaulkner76 @NathanFillion just saw Percy Jackson 2. Excellent choice for Hermes; great work.

457 days ago.

angeelichaa ya! Tapi belum selesai. Gak lihat semua"@sheilariana: Percy jackson 2"@angeelichaa: What was the last movie you watched? Did you like it?

457 days ago.

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