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75% positive
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shainak45 That picture I posted on insta was just taken 2 days ago.

464 days ago.

01tasha99 Taken 2 is actually pretty good so far

464 days ago.

loveamarine_ @nograceatall officially we saw taken 2 & went to dinner unofficially we made out in his room

464 days ago.

RemingtonBrennd I hope #Taken2 is as good as the first one :) looks really good, so I hope it is, or even better :)

464 days ago.

KarolinaProjekt @NatlGovsAssoc Is it TERRORISTIC THREAT if @OmniHotels & @federalreserve Execs forcibly taken 2 SandersvilleGA iSORE motel w/@USAgov Hostge?

464 days ago.

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Interview Exclusive Cast Interview Liam Neeson talks about starring in action roles, the cult following around the first Taken movie and his fear of heights.