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84% positive
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LyricoMiraco45 Am i the only one who thinks Frankenweenie is creepy?

455 days ago.

mr_dextrous Frankenweenie is one depressing movie. yiesh.

455 days ago.

HistoryReports Disney’s Frankenweenie is a remake of a film that got Tim Burton fired from Disney in 1984

455 days ago.

The_Leong_King This kid in "Frankenweenie" is a brilliant creative genius!!!

455 days ago.

Taylor168897 Frankenweenie is the creepiest Disney movie

455 days ago.

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Interview Tim Burton Talks 'Frankenweenie' The iconic director chats about what it was like to finally make the movie that almost killed his career. Winona Ryder Talks About Her Telepathic Connection with Tim Burton We sat down with Winona Ryder at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX to talk about what it was like to work with Burton again and how things have changed since Edward Scissorhands.