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72% positive
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waynamusic Just watched 'Take This Waltz' w/ @MichelleWillcms @Sethrogen @sarahsillverman so painfully sweet and recommended 4 EVERY married woman

463 days ago.

SarahBelle2208 I still get really mad when I look at Michelle Williams because she dated my love @jasonsegel and thought #TakeThisWaltz was a good idea.

464 days ago.

hillorygriffin Take This Waltz was just plain painful to watch. Made me feel this

465 days ago.

mindymekhail I watched Take This Waltz last night, and much like @Julething promised, it ruined me.

466 days ago.

SlinkySlinkster 'take this waltz' was a really good film! Still enjoying the romantic ones.. Introduced me to the Leonard Cohen song too. Ace song!

466 days ago.

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