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GaryYapDotCom Speaking of the Cronenbergs, Dad David's 'Cosmopolis' was VERY interesting but - in my opinion - not one of his stronger films #FilmFridays

427 days ago.

myRKinterests That's why we were joking that Juliette was bouncing back and forth between R and K. Cosmopolis. Sils Maria. Childhood of a Leader. Lol

427 days ago.

Kathd64 @hg12329 @EmeraldKate @ROBsessedBlog Cosmopolis was bad enough but this is going to be tough, wouldn't miss it tho and Rob will blow us away

427 days ago.

Kutlweez The battle for good and bad wasn't simply person vs person, it was also person vs nature on a continuous basis. #epic #cosmopolis

427 days ago.

Kutlweez Cosmopolis is one hell of a movie, have to admit I don't fully understand it,but the way it was written, damn.

427 days ago.

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