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87% positive
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kt_oconor Nat Wolfe was just in Argo reading Paper Towns and my little Nerdfighter heart swelled with pride.

464 days ago.

dainejangles the rest of my family is watching Argo and I'm sitting in my room blasting my music

464 days ago.

davbea03 The story behind that film Argo is so bizarre. It's amazing that it is true

464 days ago.

Faduma_A_ Argo is a nice movie

464 days ago.

BenRueter Best Picture Oscar fodder: The Wolf of Wall Street. How was this even nominated for Best Picture? It's like Argo all over again.

464 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Ben Affleck on playing a still-living spy, Alan Arkin on playing four people in one character and Bryan Cranston shares a story about his tour of CIA headquarters. Best Actors Turned Directors Check out these directors who've wowed audiences behind the camera as well as in front of it. The Frontrunners - Ben Affleck More Films on Fandango's Awards Watch