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71% positive
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Fayth43 @Der_Klown @NotGayDalek @yippykyayy @proudliberalmom @Freak1791 @JohnBurtner lol I will ignore you now I was polite to you & you insult me?

399 days ago.

Klass_A_Klown What if Justin Beiber killed Miley Cyrus and took over her life right when she became the slut? Has anyone seen her since he was arrested?

400 days ago.

MKBill2 @PatchyMeow I no need one. I walking along bowt six blocks away now. Nobody saw me close but da klown I bit anyways.

400 days ago.

witness_chris @Bobbo_the_Klown nah that party was not a good look.

400 days ago.

Wigg2tymez i saw the fakest pink foams 2day. Smh i didnt say nun doe...didnt wnna klown bruh

400 days ago.

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