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96% positive
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AyyeBEYBEY @e__smooth I even loved him in Step Up Revolution!!!

448 days ago.

gilliangeronimo Just watched Step Up Revolution! Such a good movie.

448 days ago.

cpaige15 How did I not know that Jake from Pretty Little Liars was the main character in Step Up Revolution???

448 days ago.

DerioVII I was watching Step Up Revolution and the duet song sounded so sad.

448 days ago.

HighClassShit @phazexv no no ur right sir, that was step up 4.

449 days ago.

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Cast Interview Cine Latino Exclusive: Ryan Guzman, on Learning to Dance and Those Channing Tatum Comparisons… Cast Interviews: The cast and crew talk about the opening dance sequence, picking up from where the third movie left off and casting unknown actors.