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86% positive
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kasandruh_ Why didn't Savione listen to me about the movie? The Grey was the dumbest movie ever -.-

584 days ago.

hrf_tofunmi Lol Saruman, seems u just saw d movie sef "@switmode: @hrf_tofunmi Gandalf the Grey, later known as Gandalf the Wise."

584 days ago.

SeleziyaSparx “@IAmCansicio: Watching The Grey.” Sick movie, awesome ending ahhh!!!! Loved it

585 days ago.

courtneyhirsch Watched the movie The Grey last night and all I can think about is someone in the world is getting eaten by wolves right now.

585 days ago.

JoyfulMarie18 #Grey'sAnatomy Was this episode hard to film? #AskGreys

585 days ago.

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Interview Exclusive Cast Interviews Liam Neeson talks about reuniting with Joe Carnahan. Carnahan talks about why he chose Neeson, difficulty with working with wolves and, is that real or fake snow?