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slupo01 I only watched 5 min of the movie the art of flight and it made me wana quit school and do that even tho it's dangerous but what a rush

464 days ago.

_Uro @toastcoyote @sephyote @Dr_Nikolai found that song when I watched the art of flight movie a while back :)

464 days ago.

Sneazus @harrisonwilkes X Games Big Air isn't very interesting to be honest. Gonna watch Art of Flight instead

464 days ago.

Tyler_Bocock10 Art of FLIGHT featuring Travis Rice is a great Netflix watch!! New favorite movie!

464 days ago.

kari_yeomans Watching Art of Flight never gets old for me. If you haven't seen it, you should watch it right now- it's on Netflix

464 days ago.

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