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Tweets About Brave

ANSwope Just sat on the couch and watched Brave by Disney. So good!

427 days ago.

RG_Bargy in the last 48hrs I've watched 'Hercules', 'The Little Mermaid', 'Atlantis' and 'Brave'. Disney: you took my childhood and now my soul.

427 days ago.

amydotnet Just watched #Disney's 'Brave'; I love it, it's a great film and it's gorgeously animated. :)

428 days ago.

Webby147 Watched #Frozen last night and its definitely in my top Disney animated films…. its up there with #Brave

428 days ago.

lucs11211 Is it just me or are Disney movies shorter than they used to be? Watched onto Brave.

428 days ago.

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