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Tweets About Café de Flore

jemarisari Love that was described in Cafe de Flore: As love between man and woman. As love between mom and son. As love between us and our ex.

456 days ago.

tatymaslany G'morn @tatianamaslany, I watched cafe de flore last night and u were right, evelyne brochu is amazing in it. :)

457 days ago.

rachel_is_here @notjustmovies @CoreyAtad I'm pretty sure my Cafe de Flore has the same title twice. It was purchased in Montreal.

458 days ago.

TweetSuzoo I watched "Cafe De Flore" Now I can't stop parlant français

461 days ago.

chachaFoo #CafeDeFlore such an amazing film! I was in tears about 85% of the movie but the story and meaning of it was so incredible! A must watch!

463 days ago.

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