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Tweets About The Loneliest Planet

worldwidekatt Ok you know. The Loneliest Planet was a very frustrating movie. 2 hours of frustration.

458 days ago.

kristiansvane Lots of people claim "The Loneliest Planet" is a waste of time and the worst movie they have ever seen. I loved it!! Very intelligent movie.

466 days ago.

ryssiebee Just watched a film "The Loneliest Planet." Depressing movie about doubt in a relationship. Gael Garcia Bernal is hot. #allyouneedtoknow

471 days ago.

RebeTaylorMelb Saw The Loneliest Planet last night on DVD. Found it beautiful to look at but mostly really frustrating. Talk. Clearly. Turn on lights.

477 days ago.

RockyPajarito Yo, I'm finally watching The Loneliest Planet, and I was waiting for "that moment," and it happened, and this went from neat to amazing.

482 days ago.

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