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MikeBjork702 I am totally shocked to see that Andrew Lincoln was in the 1999 movie..Human Traffic. Wow. that's pretty damn cool.

455 days ago.

MLMIndustries @amarkbo so I just saw Lincoln and I kid you not I cried 2 times during the movie and then again after it was over. I miss you.

455 days ago.

TBaldwin44 Finally saw the whole Lincoln movie and forgot about his play to keep the confederate peace offer on the boat in Hampton Roads.

455 days ago.

JamesClarkson96 Just watched Lincoln for the first time on sky. Such a good movie!

455 days ago.

JoeGrant666 Just watched Lincoln and all I have to say is Daniel Day Lewis... Wow. #topperformance

455 days ago.

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Interview Why Tommy Lee Jones Thinks 'We're All Jabbering Monkeys' Tommy Lee Jones sits down with us to discuss what compelled him to take on the role of the intimidating, sharp-tongued 19th century congressman, Thaddeus Stevens, in Steven Spielberg's historical drama Lincoln. Exclusive Cast Interview Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks about never meeting the real Daniel Day-Lewis on set, James Spader talks about his character and Sally Field heaps praise on Spielberg for his directing. Steven Spielberg & Daniel Day-Lewis Q&A Event More Films on Fandango's Awards Watch